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4 Tips For Getting Your Church Sign Noticed

by آوینا کامروا

The key to having a large congregation in any church is by attracting visitors. This may eventually lead to these individuals becoming church members and assisting with the support of the church. One effective way to get more church member is by adding informative signs around the outside of the worship building on a regular basis. These can be seen by people passing by and may indeed strike an interest in the church. By knowing tips that can assist in getting these sign noticed, this can be helpful to any religious-based organization.

Tip#1: Use bold colors

You may have more individuals take notice of your sign if your use bold colors. Some of these may include red, bright yellow, orange and many others, as well.

Getting others aware of what the sign says will depend on drawing the right attention to it. 

Tip #2: Choose large print

It's important for any potential church visitor that is passing by to be able actually to see the sign. This will typically require you to use a large print. You may want to bold of the wording on your signage to make it stand out, such as the hours of the services.

Tip #3: Be informative

Take the time to provide information that a person that doesn't attend the church may not know. For instance, this could be the pastor of the church or some of the days that services are held.

Additionally, you may want to list a contact number in the event there are any questions that need to be answered. Be sure to provide a number that will be answered, and it's not uncommon for many churches to have secretaries. 

If the church has a website, be sure to include this on the sign. This can be of great assistance to any person who wants as much information about the religious facility as possible.

Tip #4: Location

The placement of the sign is important to assist you in getting the necessary amount of traffic you crave. It's ideal to put your sign at an easy-to-spot location for optimal results.

The benefits of using signs to advertise your church are many. One of the largest is the ability to attract new members and to be able to rely on additional help for your church. Be sure to give a local sign company in your area today to get your sign up quickly!

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