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How To Decorate For Your Child's High School Graduation Party

by آوینا کامروا

You're probably still slightly in shock that you have a child who is old enough to graduate from high school. It may seem like just yesterday that you were saying good bye on the first day of kindergarten. One thing is for sure. Having a graduation party to honor your high school graduate will be a wonderful way to honor him or her as a new era begins. 

Of course, activities and food are a big part of your planning. The decorations you choose will also add to the fun. Here are some ideas that may inspire you to plan decorations that add to the mood of the party and that will long be remembered.

Think Big - Make a statement with your decorations. Whether you are having the graduation event in your home, in your backyard or at a rented banquet hall, posters and banners are two ways that you can decorate. Besides being attractive, both are affordable and easily obtained right from your local printer or even online.

  • Gather photographs of your child from his or her baby days through the present day. Try to find as many pictures as you can that also feature your child's friends in them.
  • Those photos can be turned into posters that will be placed on easels and on the walls wherever the party takes place.
  • Banners with great expressions will be the perfect companion for the posters. For example, have a poster right in the entrance way to the party and a banner that proclaims something like Thank You For Coming To Honor Our Graduate!  The banners on the walls can say things like, Be Ready World - Here Comes Our Graduate and Our Graduate Has Just Begun!
  • A banner for the main food table would be great, too. This one could say something like Feast With Our Graduate!

Think Small - Be creative in the small decorations you use.

  • Will you be having a sit down dinner? If so, a decoration at each place setting would be nice. Tiny graduation caps, diplomas and whistles would be great.
  • Another idea is to have a fortune cookie at each place setting. It will be fun for the guests at each table to read their fortunes out loud.
  • If you're not having a sit down dinner, it will still be nice to have small decorations that you place in strategic places. For example, think of placing small framed photographs of your graduate on each level of the ladder.
  • Tie small bundles of balloons to chairs. Choose your graduates school colors.

Think about using the decorations from the party to place in your child's room. They will certainly be a reminder of a very memorable event. Visit for more information.