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Five Benefits Of Having Your Company's Vehicles Wrapped

by آوینا کامروا

Wraps on your fleet vehicles are eye-catching, cost-effective, and one of the most efficient types of outdoor signage you can get. And even if you don't have a fleet and you only own one company vehicle, getting it wrapped can still help spread the word more effectively than a billboard. Whether you're a large company or a small business with very few employees (or no employees), here are five benefits you can get from vehicle wraps. 

1. Makes a high number of impressions

The more views or "impressions" you get per day, the more potential future customers are exposed to your business and the more customers you'll get. Vehicle graphics are excellent at giving impressions, enabling you to accrue up to 70,000 per vehicle per day (depending on how often you drive and whether or not you're doing it during a busy time of day).

2. Reaches every socioeconomic sector

Some types of advertising may only reach certain types of people. For example, the signs in front of your business will only make impressions on the sorts of people who are already in that part of town. Vehicle graphics advertise wherever your vehicle is, so every sector of the population will be able to see your advertising.

3. Advertises even when you're not driving

When you stop at another business to pick something up and leave your vehicle parked by the road, it's still generating impressions while it waits for you. And even when you're at work and your vehicle is out in the parking lot by your business, a truly memorable vehicle wrap can act like another storefront sign to draw people's eyes to your business.

4. Protects your vehicle

In addition to being an excellent marketing tool, a vinyl vehicle wrap provides a thin physical barrier between your car and the outside world. This means it can actually be a line of defense against minor paint scratches, corrosion from road salt, and other small damages.

5. Is very cost effective

Although your vehicle can generate thousands of impressions per day, it doesn't require you to pay a subscription fee. Once you've paid for the installation, the vehicle wrap practically works for free. In fact, since high-quality vehicle wraps last for years, the overall cost for your vehicle wrap advertising may be as low as $0.04 per thousand impressions versus the normal three dollars or more per thousand that you can expect for a non-mobile outdoor sign.

These are just five of the benefits you can get from using vehicle wraps as advertising for your company. Use them in conjunction with more traditional signage for a well-rounded approach that reaches every potential customer in your area. 

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