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Transformer Safety Tips For Landlords

by آوینا کامروا

As the owner of a rental property, you have a duty to protect your property and a duty to protect your tenants. If you have a transformer box located anywhere on the property — it's critical you keep your commitment to safety in mind. Learn some of the things you can do to promote transformer safety.


Ensure the tenants know where the transformer is located. If there are small children that will occupy the home, this bit of additional information is critical to ensure that the tenants know precisely where to keep their children away from. Even if the transformer is not located directly on your property, but near the property line, you should still inform the tenant of any potential dangers.


You must take steps to protect the transformer. First, don't plant anything near the box. If the tenant does not properly maintain the landscaping, the plants may grow to the point that it blocks the utility company's ability to access the transformer. In the event of an emergency, the obstruction can prove problematic. Second, build a fence around the transformer if it's located in the yard to prevent animals and small children from accessing the box. 


Affix a label to the transformer. If the transformer is old and the name is no longer clear, such as from fading, you can purchase a new sticker for the transformer. When designing the transformer label, use a combination of words and pictures, to ensure that any person who views the label will be able to tell that it's a dangerous object that they should steer clear of. Ensure you invest in multiple tags so that you can affix a label to each side of the box to ensure it's well covered.  


Provide your tenants with specific utility contact information and ensure they understand that they need to contact the utility company if there is every any problem with the transformer. For example, even if the outside of the box gets damaged, the utility company should still be contacted. There is no way to tell what type of damage has been caused inside the box which could potentially lead to power failure, or even worse, an electrical fire. For added security, makes sure you look at the condition of the transformer each time you inspect the house to spot any problems. 

Following these tips can help keep your property and tenants safer. So, ensure you're doing your part.