Finding Better Signs For Your Business

The 3 Keys To A Great Monument Signs

by آوینا کامروا

Monument signs are big signs outside that list all the businesses inside of plaza or shopping center. The appearance of your monument sign is important. A monument sign can really help bring in customers, especially when the shopping plaza or center is set further off the road. Monument signs are generally right next to the road and help pull customers into the shopping center.

1. Keep Things Simple

It is important to keep things simple when designing your store's sign for the monument sign. With a monument sign, your business is not the only business that is being advertised. Your business sign is going to be right next to all the other signs for the other businesses in the plaza. Since your sign is going to be next to other signs, you need to keep things simple so that it is easy to read your sign. If your sign has too much going on, people are not going to be able to identify your business name from the sign. This is not the space to convey a lot of information; you just want to get the name of your business out there.

2. Use Contrasting Colors

Although you want to keep things simple, you still want your sign to stand out. One of the best ways to keep things simple, and to make your sign stand out, is by using contrasting colors. You want to use a dark and light color together. For example, a red background with white letters really stands out. Or a dark blue background with white letters can work as well. You can also do the opposite and do with a white background and colored letters. Using contrasting colors and/or putting a thin lined boarded around the letters, are two ways to keep things simple while also making sure that your store name stands out on the sign.

3. Stick to Your Branding

When you create your monument sign, you want to stick to your branding. Although you may not be able to include all the elements in your simple monument sign, you want to stick to certain branding elements. For example, if you have a specific font that you use for your store name, stick to that font when you create your monument sign. If you have a small logo, you can put that on the sign as well. If your logo is really big or intricate, you may want to keep it off the sign if it takes away from your store name. If you have contrasting colors, or if your business is strongly associated with a particular color pallet, try to stick to those colors as much as possible.

If your business is moving into a shopping complex or plaza, be sure to create and get your monument sign out there as soon as possible. Your monument sign will let people driving by know that your business is inside of the complex, and it will help bring in more foot traffic.