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Six Mistakes To Avoid Regarding Directional Real Estate Signs

by آوینا کامروا

Directional real estate signs are important for leading prospective home buyers to the properties you're selling. However, directional signs won't be as effective as they should be if you make mistakes in designing them or positioning them.

The following are six mistakes it's important to avoid regarding your real estate directional signs

Using only one-sided signs

It's a good idea to take advantage of two-sided signage in some situations. While it generally costs slightly more to produce two-sided signs, signs with two sides are more effective along two-way roadways. This way, traffic going in both directions can see the signs and potentially follow them to the property that's for sale. 

Putting signs up at the last minute

Timing is an important factor when it comes to putting up real estate directional signs. You don't want to put signs up too late before an event like an open house. The longer you have them up, the greater the amount of people who are likely to see them and become aware of the property on the market. 

Placing your signs in run-down or unattractive locations

Subconsciously, viewers may associate your signs with the environment in which they're placed. This means it's important to take a critical look at the surroundings of your signs. Try to put signs only in orderly and attractive-looking areas to avoid a negative connotation regarding the property for sale. 

Failing to include your contact details

Any signs you put up should not only point out the property directionally, but they should also include your contact details. Put down your name, phone number, and email address so that those who are interested can contact you to learn more about the property being advertised. 

Leaving gaps in your trail of signs so those interested get lost

If you're using directional signs to lead the way to the property in question, make sure there aren't any gaps in the signage. If those following the signs becoming uncertain of how to proceed to get to the property for sale, they may grow frustrated and give up the search. 

Using signs that don't grab attention

Signs needs to do more than just provide the requisite information. They also need to grab attention. Make sure you include in your signage features that make the signage stand out. Also, include some brand recognition features so that viewers recognize that the signs are from your real estate agency.