Finding Better Signs For Your Business

Order These COVID-19 Signs Before Your Business Reopens

by آوینا کامروا

If you operate a retail business that temporarily shut its doors as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's possible that you're in the early stages of reopening to the public. There may be plenty of tasks to manage during this time, including installing clear plastic shields around your front counter and educating your employees about how to keep their distance from your customers while still being helpful. This is also a time to think about what signage will be important to display in your location. Choosing a local custom sign company to produce these signs will give them a professional look.

Rules For Customers

It's a good idea to have a custom sign that lists a number of rules that you expect your customers to follow. You'll want to stipulate that you expect your customers to follow physical distancing guidelines while they shop. If you've put markers on the floor to indicate where people should walk, your sign can make reference to this change. For example, one rule might ask people to look for directional arrows on the floor and only walk in the corresponding direction as they make their way around the store.

What You're Doing

You want your customers to feel safe when they enter your store, so it's good to have a sign that lists all of the things that you and your employees are doing to accomplish this goal. The presence of this sign will show that you view your customers' health as your top priority. For example, you might list how you're limiting the number of people inside of the store, disinfecting surfaces at set intervals, mandating your employees to wear masks, and making other similar efforts that will make your business a safe place to visit.

Message Of Thanks

Another sign that can be beneficial to display in your store is a message of thanks in which you convey your appreciation for every shopper who chooses to visit you. The pandemic has negatively affected countless businesses across the country as well as changed consumers' shopping habits. In this sign, you can mention that you know people can shop online with ease, but that you appreciate those who decide to visit your location in person. Encouraging wording can also be valuable to include on this type of sign.

For more ideas or to start implementing your own, reach out to a professional who creates custom signs