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Want To Advertise Outside Of Your Building? 2 Options You Have

by آوینا کامروا

If your business is on a street front where people walk and drive by, putting advertisement outside of your building is a good idea. You have different options when it comes to advertising, two of which are listed below.

Outdoor Light Box

An outdoor light box is a great way to advertise and because it lights up so your advertisement will show well at night. These light boxes are durable, and they are weatherproof so you can keep it outside and not worry about it. The light boxes are a cabinet that has a door that you can lock. There is a snap frame inside the light box so you can easily insert your advertisement and easily remove it if you want to replace it. 

Purchase an LED light box as this is more energy efficient, and the bulbs will last a long time. You can also choose from different light levels when it comes to LEDs so make sure you choose light that is not too bright. You can find light boxes that have an internal power supply making them easy to install. They are available in a variety of sizes when it comes to height and width. Many light boxes are made of aluminum and have an anodized finish available in different colors. 

Lamppost Advertising

Another way to advertise is to install a lamppost outside of your building and attach a banner to it. This is known as lamppost advertising, and it works well. At night the lamp post lights up and shines directly onto the banner so it is easily seen by people that walk and drive by.

Consider the height of the lamp post because you want it tall enough for people to be able to see it. Also, the banner needs to be large enough to be seen. You can put anything on the banner that you want. For example, you could put the name of your business only or the name of your business with an image. Consider the colors as you want to use bold enough colors for people to be able to read it. Consider a light background with black lettering to make the lettering stand out. 

You can purchase both outdoor LED light boxes and lamppost advertising online. Look for a company that will custom design the advertisement for you so you can make it exactly the way you want it to look.